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If you are looking to expand your growing business with an online presence in a short period of time, with minimal investment, Shopify is the best option available in today’s market.

  • Fully hosted
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Scale
  • Adds-on Necessary

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E-commerce platforms

Do you have products you wish to sell online but don’t know how to get started? Then, Shopify is the answer to your problem.


Only bricks and mortars store is simply not enough for today’s shopping trends. The modern shopper is choosing to shop online. An internet presence is necessary to reach your potential clients.


Many business owners wish to expand their businesses by creating an online store but do not know any stuff about software coding or how to make a website. For them, Shopify ­­is the solution.


It is difficult to keep your business open for 24/7, but with Shopify you have an online store, up and running throughout the day. Anyone from any part of the globe can access it anytime of the day they want.


Things to consider while choosing an e-commerce platform


  • Cybersecurity

The buyers need a sense of security as they are providing their credit card information for which they need to trust your website. It is important that you choose a platform that guarantees online safety and security at all time

  • Flexibility

Being one of the most dynamic sites on the internet, it must provide the flexibility to business owner for making quick changes to their products as it is a requirement of these businesses to regularly update their goods and catalogs.

  • Integrations

Running an online business requires integration (third-party) of many plug-ins and software for proper functioning.

  • Reporting and Analytics

They deliver you key insights that can speed up your routine decision making. It should offer real time information of site activity which can help you in your day to day tactical decision making.

  • Social Media Integration

Having a platform which can manage social networks could be the difference between the success and failure of an e-commerce retailer.

  • User Experience

Even a minute flaw in the design can drive away a potential buyer from your site.

  • Customer support

If a customer cannot access your site or if he is not able to complete a purchase, you loose business. So, it is important that you have satisfactory customer support available 24/7

  • Payment Options

Online shoppers are not just looking at the product quality and price; they also expect a smooth experience on the platform while making any purchase, so you should make sure that your online store offer a variety of payment option for customers to choose from.

  • Scalability

Your e-commerce platform should be able to grow with your business, which can handle increased traffic flow, maximum orders and page visits without any lag. Slow and sluggish webstores drive the customer away.

Shopify – your perfect e-commerce platform

Shopify is an online application that allows you to build your own online store. It provides a wide range of templates that can be customized to meet the requirement of the business owner. It is a hosted solution; you don’t need to worry about buying web hosting or installing software by yourself.


It requires no complicated technical stuff as it’s a hosted platform and they take care of updating the platform for you and it is really easy to use. This platform is specially optimized for e-commerce. Being considered as one of the highest rated security features of any e commerce platform today, it offers top of the line cybersecurity system.


Shopify is perfect for people who already have a store and wish to expand to an online presence and for those who have products and wish to sell them online. The items, they can either be physical products, digital products or services. While Shopify is great for e-commerce, it is not that much good for maintaining content.


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  • Fully hosted
  • Excellent site performance
  • Numerous integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to scale for small and big online stores
  • No email hosting
  • Advanced features at a higher price
  • No free plan available
  • Adds-on necessary
  • Variable customer support

Features offered by Shopify

  • Apps

Applications are a fantastic way of making improvements, expanding your store, and adding more power to it, without any need of tech skills and your precious time. Shopify knows it so; it has its own app store which makes it easy for you to scale up your online store whenever you want to.


  • Shipping

A bad shipping experience can break the trust of your buyer. So, it is very important that you provide your customers with good shipping options. Shopify has partnerships with the top courier service providers of North America (USPS, DHL Express, UPS, and Canada Post).

  • Dropshipping

With Dropshipping, you list your products on the website which are then directly delivered to the customer when they purchase it. It is an ideal feature for small business owners who don’t have much space, time and money.

  • Abandoned cart recovery

When a buyer abandons the products in his/her checkout basket, Shopify sends an email to notify them so that they can complete the purchase. On average, it has a success rate of 12-15%.

  • Payment options

To make it convenient for the buyers, Shopify offers over 100 different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. It also offers, free of cost, its own in-house payment gateway, known as Shopify Payments.

  • Multi-channel integration

Multi-channel integration lets you sell your product on more channels than just your online store. It increases the reach of your store through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

  • Digital selling

Shopify supports selling of digital products which mean that the buyer can directly download it after purchasing it from your online store.

  • Tax

Helping you calculate taxes as easy and as accurate as possible is another feature offered by Shopify

  • POS

Shopify offers a POS app which enables you to take your business with you wherever you want on your smartphone or your tablet.

What does the internet say?

The review articles written about Shopify on the internet are mostly positive, most of them are of the opinion that it is ideal for small business who are looking for an online presence with a potential future in front of them.

Final Verdict

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform that helps you build your own online store, without the need of any tech skills. It helps you set up an online store that looks beautiful and is optimized for e-commerce purpose.


If you are looking to expand your growing business with an online presence in a short period of time, with minimal investment, Shopify is the best option available in today’s market.

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