Best POS Systems for coffee shops

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Table of Contents

What is a POS system?

It is ideal to have knowledge of a product before buying it. Looking into some details for the best POS system is essential to know which POS system which will serve the needs of your coffee shop best. A POS system or in other words a point of sale system is the amalgamation of software and hardware devices that allows customers to purchase a product. A Point of sale (POS) system is a replacement of the classic cash register. This system is developed for various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and iOS etc.

Things to know about a POS system

Why is there a need for POS?

Coffee shops are busy places. With customers going in and out and providing quick service to each customer it gets very difficult to enter sales data manually. A Point of Sale (POS) system reduces the burden off employees and helps serve customers better. With a single touch entry of data and billing, it makes it easier for employees and businessowners to serve their customers quickly and more efficiently.

Coffee shops are busy places and multiple customers enter and exit during the day with a huge number of sales entries being made. The POS system computes all sales and shows the daily sales and profits at the end of the day.

The POS system will also keep a check and balance in the inventory to ensure all items are in place and leave after being checked out. Real time reports will help make future decisions on how to cut costs and maximize profits. The POS system also tracks employee timings.

A POS system also creates loyalty programs or provides gift cards to regular customers to obtain the best customer feedback and make their experience better every time. The POS system can also store customer information along with their financial credentials so that they do not have to swipe a card or pay cash every time they make a purchase.

Features offered by a POS system

  1. Quick Service

With the help of a POS system, the service speed can be increased. Customers can have their financial credentials saved on your POS system and avoid using a physical payment method to save time. Their orders can be put on a tab and the POS will charge the customer automatically without them having the hassle to reach for their wallet or wait for a bill.

  • Receipts

The POS system will print receipts for every order that will help the customer identify their order and make sure they are not being charged extra or less.

  • Employee Management

Being crowded places it is hard to keep track of all employees. The POS system will track it for you. The POS system has a feature for all employees to clock in and out during their shifts respectively. The POS system can also assign daily tasks to each employee without the hassle of getting a list for work from the owner. The POS system also evaluates the employees based on their performance and interaction with the customers.

  • Minimal margin of error

Errors are reduced greatly with the help of a POS system. The POS system requires you to enter minimal data and it computes that data and analyzes it to make sales reports. Entering data manually can lead to human error and can result in a difference in the final sales. Transactions are made in real-time with the POS system and this eradicates the chance for any error being made on behalf of the staff.

  • Easy-to-use

The POS system is very easy to use for all staff. The system developers design the POS system in a way that user friendly and even people with little knowledge about technology can operate software easily. The ease of use feature makes a POS system a very efficient to run a coffee shop especially during rush hour.

  • Variety of payment options

Many customers might have their financial credentials stored but there are also first-time customers. The POS system ensures that the coffee shops offers a wide variety of payment options for the customers so that a sale is made under any cost and profits maximize.

® What to keep in mind when looking for the ideal POS system

  1. Cloud storage

It is important that the POS system comes with ample cloud storage so that you can have all your business details and daily sales uploaded on the cloud server and can check them anywhere at any time.

  • Reporting

The POS system should come with reporting features. This will generate real time reports of your sales and the system will analyze these sales to determine profits and give a perspective on what decisions to be made in the future to increase those profits.

  • Customer Support

It is important to keep in mind the services offered by the company the software belongs to. When running a coffee shop, you need to ensure that your POS system is always working, and customers do not face any issues during their billing. A 24/7 contact service should be a must when looking for a POS system. If for any reason there is an issue with the POS system, the company that you bought the system from should provide solutions immediately. A 24/7 contact service should be a must when looking for a POS system.

  • User-friendly interface

The POS system should have a user-friendly interface so that everyone in the staff does not face any problem using the software especially when assisting or billing customers.

POS systems available

  1. Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Lightspeed restaurant POS is a cloud-based POS. Features of this POS include tracking customers, gift cards and offline service. Lightspeed POS also features an iOS mobile application.

This POS gives users the power to create and update their menus with different pictures and texts and also factor the cost of the product by incorporating any extra options. The POS system links the entire staff to one another.

Employee productivity can be tracked, and detailed sales reports can be generated to keep track of the business.

Pros Cons
Reports are in depth Payments cannot be processed in offline mode
Customizable Bulk items not accounted for
Detailed employee management Extracting information takes a long time
Easy to use Limited concern for customers problems
Cloud based system accessible anywhere  
  • Toast POS

The Toast POS system is designed specifically to cater to the needs of restaurants and cafes. The system offers a wide range of features such as ordering online, takeout, delivery, ordering through a designated mobile phone app and contactless payment options. The system helps business adapt to modern trends and boost their sales not only through the coffee shop itself but through other platforms as well

Staff can take orders easily on tables with tablets. Payments are easily processed.

Toast POS also features a Payroll and Team Management product. This helps with paying the staff easily through the system and track time and approvals along with HR functions.

Pros Cons
Constantly updated with new features Add-ons require additional cost
All-in-one Point of Sale Stuck with Toast’s credit card processing
User-friendly interface Hardware cost is slightly high
Android based Limited for larger cafes
Beyond great customer service Installation cost is high
  • Shopkeep POS

Shopkeep POS is an iPad-based Point of Sale system.

A built-in register is offered which keeps track of payments. Tracks employee working hours and manages booking and registrations.

Barcodes can be scanned to add items to the shopping cart.

Pros Cons
It has a reasonable price Limitation in the inventory
Good customer service Inventory management too basic
Easy to use Has bugs occasionally
More information on numbers Same price for second register as first
Vigorous back office features Labelling system not useful
  • Square POS

Square POS is a cost-free POS system which has applications available for both iOS and Android devices.

Square POS provides free regular updates to help their clients improve the services through the system

The system works on a tablet or a smartphone which makes it very easy to use. All online orders can be received through the tablet and reports are provided for both online and in store orders.

Square POS offers an offline mode which records all transactions and uploads all data once internet access is gained.

Pros Cons
Very easy-to-use interface Has occasional fund holds
Square App marketplace feature Reporting features can be confusing to read sometimes
Cost-efficient, comes with free card reader Card reader not well made
Delivery options come included with the system  
Helps handles rush hours very well  

Final Verdict

The Square POS system seems to be the best POS system for coffee shops. The main feature of the system that attracts most clients is that it is free to use. The user-friendly interface aids the clients to set the system and link it to their cafes very easily.

Handling rush hours is one of the most important features of the system because it takes a huge burden off the staff and owner. In conclusion, Square POS has a lot more to offer than other POS systems. Many users have given positive feedback for this POS system.

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