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Gofrugal is a very detailed app that can help almost any retail or distribution store. The number of features and customizations Gofrugal has to offer makes it a very useful software for small and large businesses

  • Easy to Implement
  • Customized Easily
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • The system is affected by bugs.

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The POS system offers many features. One of them is the discount management feature. The POS also has the facility to receive electronic signatures from the customers that gets stored in the database. The POS systems administers a loyalty program for the customers and also has barcode scanning built in. Customer account profiles, commission management, and Retail POS are some other features of the Point of Sale and that is why Gofrugal has been considered as one of the best software for POS.

Why is Gofrugal Necessary?

Gofrugal is a POS that implements a complete digital solution for restaurants, distribution and retail businesses. Gofrugal is tailored to the needs of each client whether they have a smaller store or a large sized business with multiple stores. Gofrugal keeps a check on the inventory and provides abrupt billing services.

Gofrugal provides many different services.


For example, Gofrugal provides a very intensive plan for clothing stores. This solution helps the store owners control the stock and keep a check on their inventory without any hassle. Gofrugal also provides an online shopping experience for their client’s customers. Gofrugal is easy for employees to use because the software administers versions for smartphones as well as tablets. Gofrugal teams up with Google to help business owners get updates on the inventory and sales of their businesses.

Different Plans for Gofrugal

Gofrugal offers various plans for different users. The plans start from $375 and increases with the requirements of each plan. After a certain plan, the prices are individually set.

The client with a very big business has to request a quote from the company. Gofrugal also offers a free trial for its clients. With a higher price tag, the free trial helps their clients decide whether Gofrugal is best suited for them or not. Let’s have a glance at these plans;

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Starter Plan

The starter plan is the most basic package by Gofrugal.  The plan costs $375 a month. The starter plan offers many features such as inventory management, pricing management, Admin security, purchase and reorder, business intelligence and analytics, and reports. The starter plan is for smaller retailers or new startups.

Standard Plan

The standard plan is more suited for slightly larger businesses. The plan costs $625 a month. The standard plan offers a variety of new features compared to the starter plan. The standard plan offers all the features and services of the starter plan much more such as Multiple store management and Delivery management.

PRO Plan

The professional plan is the premium plan Gofrugal offers. The plan costs $1,500 a month. The professional includes the features of both the starter and standard plan and also has many more services.

Salient Features of Gofrugal

Gofrugal has a variety of features for its users to help them in their daily business ventures and boost sales. Here is a look at some features Gofrugal has to offer:


Gofrugal offers a good backup system to its clients. It creates a cloud backup in case any hardware gets damaged. It is easier to retrieve any old data with the help of the backup log and cloud backup. Gofrugal has an uninterrupted backup system with secure data storage. Other features include web access, encryption, and remote server.

Apparel Management

Gofrugal provides many features for apparel stores. The biggest help is with the inventory management feature that helps keep a track of the items in the store and prevents theft. Gofrugal also manages billing along with purchasing. It provides warehouse management as well to monitor in-stock items. Other features include shipping management, supply chain and product management, and managing materials.

Gofrugal provides many other features for restaurants, pharmacies, food services, barbershops. Every other business requires different specifications and features and Gofrugal designs the system to fit the needs of every other client.


Gofrugal has a few add-ons for its software, however, these add-ons are not available with the basic version of Gofrugal. Add-on modules that Gofrugal offers cannot be purchased on a subscription basis.

Gofrugal gives their clients the option of building their own modules. These modules can be modified with add-ons that can be bought directly from Gofrugal’s website. Every add-on module is accompanied by an Assured Training coupon of four hours.

Gofrugal Pros and Cons

  • Real time stock monitoring and reports helps clients to keep their business in order.
  • Customization for every other business to fit their needs.
  • Gofrugal provides a 24/7 support service to all of their clients.
  • The software is very easy to use.
  • Analysis and reporting features help business a lot.
  • Services provided like user interface and other functions are very helpful.
  • Reports can be checked from anywhere around the world.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The company should be more open about their software because many features are not being utilized due to a lack of knowledge and lack of instructions from the company.
  • The system is affected by bugs.
  • The 24/7 support service might not always be up to the mark. Some clients have expressed dissatisfaction for not receiving quick feedback from Gofrugal support.
  • The accounting module is not flexible enough.
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Salient Aspects of Centeredge Software

Centeredge software offers many features for their clients. The features of this system is what makes it unique from other softwares. Centeredge has aimed to provide a cheaper service to its targeted audience. Along with cheap, Centeredge has claimed to be very professional in assisting amusement and entertainment facilities. Here are some features of Centeredge:

  • Advantage POS

The all-in-one POS system provides many services for guests and customers by providing them flexibility. The POS system controls guest access and also accommodates visitors with smart areas. The POS system also manages the sale of tickets, merchandise and passes. Lastly, it provides solutions for employee management through various ways such as payroll, security plans, and schedules.

  • Food and Beverages

Centeredge provides an easier way to handle concession stands and food service. A kitchen display system makes it super easy to manage a larger sized food operation at the facility. Centeredge helps in managing the inventory especially when there are multiple food vendors. Centeredge also has automated pricing and a constant check on the availability of products which help save money.

  • Cashless experience

Centeredge provides a cashless experience to for the customers of their client. This does not only allow customers to have a better entertainment experience, but customers can also have a cashless experience when they are getting food, beverages or merchandise.

  • Liability Waivers

Centeredge provides liability waivers to customers to minimalize any legal disclosure. By providing liability waivers online, Centeredge reduces wait times and allows customers to enter the facility without any hassle. The software keeps track of the liability waivers and organizes them in a handy manner. The software also rules out any duplicate or fake waivers.

Other features include: Guest analytics, Party booking, Online Ticketing, Reporting Function, Card-bases Transactions support.

Customer Support

Centeredge provides a very active and reliable customer support system. Their customer support is available six days a week from Monday to Saturday from morning to evening. Centeredge also provides a twenty-four-hour emergency customer support which deals with more demanding errors on an urgent basis. Other than this, Centeredge also provides certain FAQs on their website to answer any question that their client may have. An email address and a phone number have been provided by Centeredge on their website in case issues are not being resolved through FAQs.


Final Verdict

Gofrugal is a very detailed app that can help almost any retail or distribution store. The number of features and customizations Gofrugal has to offer makes it a very useful software for small and large businesses. It is a hybrid kind of point of sale, one stop shop for all kind of billing and financial transactions made for multiple kind of industries across the globe.

Though this software has several benefits but some of its cons include an inflexible accounting module that needs more modification to be used as a professional software. The rigid and complex nature of this software makes this software difficult to be used easily for the beginners as well.


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