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Shopkeep provides a very active and reliable customer support system. Great POS System.

  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Customer services - 24/7
  • Support for Multi locations is available.
  • One Version Only

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What is POS?

POS is a software that enhances the shopping experience of users by offering them amazing perks and making life easier for the consumers. There are different cloud based systems that are maintained to be used for the retail and wholesale business owners. Selling and buying has become more of a fun and these POS software has provided amazing perks to its consumers. Here we are going to describe the reasons to use one of the very effective and commonly used POS Shopkeep that has been serving people since decades.

What is Shopkeep?

Shopkeep is a POS (Point of Sale) System, founded in 2008. It is a Cloud-based system and its headquarter is in New York. In the United States and Canada, POS framework is utilized by almost 23,000 small-scale businesses. The vast majority of these businesses include retail shops, cafes, coffee houses, ice cream shops, food trucks, and bars. With Shopkeep, you can follow the present deals continuously, screen your registers and income, and see all your top-selling things. Even better, you can also take a glimpse at your whole deals in history.

Plans of Shopkeep

Shopkeep is not limited to small industries and businesses. Shopkeep also offers a bundle known as ‘Shopkeep Payments’, which is for Merchant Account Service. Currently, there are three plans of Shopkeep as it is not offering flat-rate pricing. The plans are The Basic Plan, The Essential Plan, and The Advanced Plan.


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Shopkeep PLANS

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is quite affordable as it starts from as low as $69 per month for a single registered user.

The Essential Plan

This plan costs $99 for each registered user monthly.

The Advanced Plan

This plan costs $199 per month but it has an advantage over the above two mentioned plans. The advantage is that it has unlimited registered users without charging an extra fee.

The Add-Ons



Even though a few POS frameworks do offer in-house email promoting, they’re regularly deficient with regards to highlights that solitary devoted ESPs (like MailChimp or AWeber) can give. By banding together with an outsider, ShopKeep deftly avoids this issue.

QuickBooks Online

The capacity to coordinate straightforwardly with your bookkeeping programming spares your time and dissatisfaction.


This new (and genuinely necessary) eCommerce expansion to ShopKeep will at long last offer them the chance to set up an online store. On the offset that you’ve just set up a ShopKeep account, you can easily move your stock over to your Big-Commerce account.

Online Ordering

Set up a custom site with menu things and offer clients the capacity to put orders from that site for pickup.



Numbers simply don’t lie. ShopKeep POS framework straightforwardly incorporates gift vouchers to give you a bit of the $150 billion yearly gift voucher pie.


Main Features

The main features of Shopkeep are as follows:


The register’s abilities are far-reaching: ringing up things, including modifiers, taking installments, parting tenders, simple returns, and discounts. The in-application usefulness is extremely instinctive and doesn’t require any extra skill or preparation. Setting up your iPad button design is additionally a consistent procedure, oversaw from your back office.

Back Office

ShopKeep as of now have a strong list of characteristics at the cost, yet they have backup of late built up things significantly further with ShopKeep Back Office. For a private business that works with one or a group of registers, you get some generally propelled apparatuses. For a minimal effort, you gain admittance to a framework that deals with your stock, your clients, and your workers’ time, tracks every one of your exchanges, offers an assortment of detailing alternatives for investigating this information, and offers boundless specialized help by email and live talk.



Shopkeep also offers broad-spectrum reporting suites which includes normal cost detailing, deals by client revealing, and deals by rebate answering to the blend. You can likewise print out regularly updated reports directly from the register.

Tax Rates

Previously, tax rates are not fixed in Shopkeep. Presently, the option to set a default tax rate for your product is available. You can appoint unique expense rates to explicit things with the new Tax Groups.


ShopKeep right now has the multi-location capacity and the organization is hoping to grow sooner rather than later. One of the ShopKeep’s ongoing updates remembers the capacity to see every one of your stores for one parent site; clicking a drop-down box permits you to see every individual store. You can get an overall perspective on your different areas with a dashboard review easily.

The Pocket App

One of the best features is the ShopKeep Pocket App, presently accessible for both iOS and Android, enables you to monitor how your business is going on, regardless of where you are, with the choice of accepting notices.

Choice of Hardware

With such huge numbers of POS equipment choices are readily available, you can blend and match to make the ideal POS arrangement for your business handling needs. On the other hand, you can pick to purchase your ShopKeep POS equipment in one of their prescribed groups which is dependent on what sort of business you run.


Shopkeep Hardware

There are many options available for hardware like the Retail Kit, Restaurant Hardware Kit, Quick-service hardware kit, Handheld Register Kit. Some compact bundles of hardware are also available like The Mini, The Station.

ShopKeep POS Software

When it comes to running business with a software than the software must be flexible, easy to use and easy to customize. With POS software Reporting and Analysis of the business can be done. One can track the sale trends, cash flows, and customer details.


  • The inviting touch screen interface of this POS device positions it notably better than the rest in its class. It makes it unfathomably simple to utilize which implies that you can process exchanges rapidly and keep the line short and moving.
  • It is great for small to medium-size businesses
  • It is quite simple with reasonable pricing. Price of this software is remarkably affordable as compare to perks and privileges it offers.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • The tracking system is available.
  • Customer services are excellent and accessible 24/7.
  • The off-line mode keeps your business moving in any case when unforeseen web blackouts occur.
  • Shopkeep can catch client data and provide the information for email advertising techniques.
  • Support for Multi locations is available.
  • As it is easy to use and simple in design, but it cannot be used for large scale businesses.
  • The system becomes slow when it is updated as to when new features are added it make the interface bulky.
  • Only one version of Shopkeep POS software is available.

Customer Support Services

Omni-channel support service is available on this platform. Shopkeep just not only helps in selling products but also supports in business through their customer support service. The service available 24/7/365 and its free of cost. Anyone can contact through text, email, or chat at any time.

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