What POS System Should I Use? (7 Factors to Consider When Selecting It)

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Point of sale touch screen system

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A point of sale (POS) is a platform where a buyer or customer makes the payments of the goods and services, and here the sale taxes are also payable.

A POS payment is made online or in person, and receipts can be generated electronically or in a print system. POS systems that are cloud-based are popularly used by merchants worldwide today.

POS systems are mainly used in hospitals, industries, and organizations. They allow the customers to place their orders, make reservations, and make payments electronically. 

Many merchants set up the POSs at the store exits to increase the rate of purchase impulses as the customers leave the store.

How Would You Decide Which is the Best POS System?

Whether you want to start a business or are an experienced merchant, choosing the perfect POS system can be crucial. POS systems are an essential component of the business beyond just making it easy for customers to pay for products.

A good POS system helps in important business operations and provides you with crucial data that helps make crucial business decisions. 

A good POS system has the following capabilities:

  • Accounting
  • Sales reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Employee management

Deciding which POS system to use can be difficult because many are on the market. 

Below is a guide to help you choose the perfect POS system to use.

1. Easy Training Procedures

When choosing a POS system to use, go for one that is easy to use and train the new employees to catch up faster. That said, ensure the POS comes with enough training resources.

2. Inventory Tracking

A sound POS system has robust inventory capabilities. Inventory control can be complex and time-consuming; luckily, many POS systems can help you manage the company’s stock easily. 

Inventory tracking is essential where merchants have many branches and need information about the incoming stock and the stock in other stores.

3. Features You Need

When you start looking for a POS to use, you must first identify what you need from the POS you want to acquire and make them the base for choosing it.

These systems are used in different businesses, including gyms, retail shops, salons, and cafes. Depending on the business needs, the POS systems are different. Thus, it’s important to choose a system that matches your business needs.

4. Usability of Chosen POS

You must choose a POS that is easy to use and not a complicated one that requires you to refer to the manual every time you use it. Easy-to-use POSs are mainly used in businesses with many customers.

A usable POS system gives the staff easy work, as they do not strain so much using complex systems that may make them feel pressured. Besides, usable POS systems give customers a good experience when making payments.

5. Customer Support

Customer support is critical because your staff may run into issues while using the system, and there’d be no one to assist. So, you want to confirm the provider has solid customer support before using their application.

6. Business Growth Supporting

Over time, your company will grow, accommodating more customers. It makes sense to invest in a scalable POS system. You want to avoid any software that might restrict the growing registers and outlets. 

7. Reporting 

An application that features reporting capabilities would be fantastic. Why? You can use the reported data to improve and make decisions regarding the business.

What is the Most Widely Used POS System?

The most widely used POS system is the TouchBistro system commonly used in restaurants, TouchBistro is made specifically for restaurants, and it’s an iPad. Its headquarters are in Toronto, and it provides 24/7 support to its clients.

TouchBistro has the following features;

  • Table management and floor plan
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Staff scheduling and management
  • Payment through phone

In addition to that, TouchBistro helps you customize the menu and make a great deal in table organization.

What is the Easiest POS System to Use?

The easiest POS system to use is Vend. Vend is commonly used in the world by retailers for their businesses. It is being used by merchants of both sizes, i.e., small and big businesses.

Vend is compatible with both Xero and Shopify that retailers use. Vend is used to manage the sales, rewards, and inventory.

How Do I Choose a POS for a Small Business?

Choosing a POS for a small business requires considering the tools needed to successfully grow and run the business. A perfect POS for small businesses is secure and helps you manage your administrative tasks correctly.

When choosing a point of sale for a small business, consider; security, the usability of the POS, cost, and PCI compliance.

Below are guidelines on how to choose a POS for small businesses;

1. Security

When making decisions for a small business POS, you should consider a secure system to promote the growth of the business to greater heights. Secure systems help prevent theft of the funds in the business.

2. Usability

Choose a system that is easy to use and one with user manuals to help operate the software and train the staff. 

3. Cost (the initial and ongoing capital)

Because it is a small business, you are to choose a POS system that is cheap to acquire, and also its ongoing cost should be cheap.

4. PCI compliance

New advances in payment methods through cards are essential. The POS for small businesses must comply with the rules and regulations to ensure that consumers and businesses are protected.

Wrap Up

When starting or running a business, take the time to consider what tools you need before choosing a POS system to use. Also, confirm that the POS system is PCI compliant to protect both parties in the business.

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