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Getpose is a point of sale software that is widely used around the world. The program offers a good number of helpful features that allow maximum operation and functionality.

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  • One Plan Only

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Why POS?

A top-notch point of sale (POS) is usually web-based and is designed for the benefits of business owners and customers.  Some of the specialized POS like Getpose can also be used on iPad, Mac and computers. POS is the need of every business owner today because it facilitates both the customer and small and medium size business owners. Many brands are successfully using it and have grown their customer base with the help of this system.

What is Getpose Software?

Getpose is a POS software that offers a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it easy for anyone to get accustomed to it and perform business tasks. It does not only remove all kinds of hassles but also improves efficiency by reducing operation time. Therefore, everyone business, whether small or midsize, can make use of this amazing POS and expand their business and attract new customers.

Plans of Getpose

There are many POS that offer various plans to the customers according to their needs. However, Getpose has only one plan which is for everyone. The details of the plan are provided below;

Simple Plan

Getpose has just one simple plan for all the users and customers. According to this plan, the users will pay $49 a month for all the services. The features include one workstation, unlimited products, all features included, unlimited customers and unlimited users.

When compared with other products, this plan seems more affordable for midsize and large-scale businesses. You will have unlimited access with as many users as possible. Moreover, all the features are included in the plan so you will get access to every aspect and will not be restricted due to unavailability of features. The Getpose official website also says that you will pay $19 per month for additional register.

Main Features

Getpose offers a wide range of features. However, the top features are included here.

1. Barcode Scanning

One of the best and widely used features of Getpose is the barcode scanning. Most of the companies nowadays need such a feature that can allow customer management. For this reason, barcode scanning has been added in order to facilitate the brands and companies.

2. Commission Management

Here is another useful feature for the companies. This commission management tool is the need of the hour for all the businesses. As a company grows, the commission increases and it becomes necessary for the brand to manage such things in order that data can be tracked properly.

3. Customer Account Profiles

For most of the companies, it is imperative to get access to the customer profiles to understand their shopping behavior and know what kind of products they need. For this reason, Pose introduced this customer account profile feature so that every brand can check the user information.

4. Discount Management

There is no denying the fact that all the companies offer discounts to the customers for their products. In order to manage the discounts and make sure every customer avails the offers, this feature is needed. It helps the employees to improve customer experience and entertain the users to the fullest.

5. Loyalty Program

It is important to note that many businesses have loyalty programs. However, the management of such programs is the key factor that companies are worried about. Considering this issue, Getpose comes with an amazing feature of loyalty program management so that things become easier. 

6. Ecommerce Integration

The growth of ecommerce throughout the world is an undeniable fact. It is growing with the passage of time. This is the reason that Getpose allows ecommerce integration to the companies so that they can deal with the customers, manage products and ensure maximum revenues.

Getpose Pros and Cons

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  • This is one of the best things about Getpose that it is easy to implement. You will not face any sort of issues while installing the system, using it and its integration with other apps and tools is also seamless. In short, users feel comfortable with it.
  • Another great thing about Getpose is that it can be customized easily. There are many awesome features which allow users to perform various functions and enjoy the best experience. This is the reason that customers still love this point of sale when compared with other ones.
  • This is the quality that makes any app best for the people out there. Getpose has a very simple and user-friendly interface that makes it a popular choice of thousands of users. All the features can be easily accessed from the dashboard and users feel no issues with Getpose
  • Here we have another amazing thing about Getpose. Not many POS software provide this feature to the customers. If there are any kind of promo or discount given to the users, it will be renewed automatically every month. The users will not have to worry about it. This is a really amazing option.
  • People who use Getpose are of the view that it offers the best security regarding data. All of your data will be safe with this app. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any security issues. This is a huge relief for the users and particularly the large-scale business owners
  • Due to a large number of features that are very helpful for the users, Getpose is considered an ideal option when it comes to engaging the customers. Moreover, it has helped a number of brands and companies to attract new customers, increase their sales and take the business to new heights.
  • As per the user’s reviews, it is said that Getpose does not provide you with many options for currencies. If you want to purchase or make payments in other currencies, there are not enough options. Therefore, some brands can lose potential and regular customers for this reason.
  • Another serious drawback of Getpose is that it offers only one plan. For many users, it is not an ideal solution because they cannot pay this much amount. So, they move to other brands. This is suitable only for the large-scale businesses and small businesses do not find it suitable
  • Due to the only one option, Getpose becomes more appropriate just for larger businesses. Many users have pointed out this issue that they are unable to afford this much for one or two users. Therefore, Getpose needs to introduce some cheaper plans for all users.
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Customer Support

Customer support is provided to the users all the time. In other words, every user enjoys 24/7 customer support. Pose, the company that owns Getpose, is known for excellent customer service. The users seem satisfied and there are no particular complaints regarding customer support.

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Getpose is a point of sale software that is widely used around the world. The program offers a good number of helpful features that allow maximum operation and functionality.


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