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Lightspeed is a cloud-based point of sale system which offers a wide range of features, allows integration and add-ons can also be used with it. It has many pros as well as some cons.

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Why Business Owners Need Software Like Lightspeed?

With the advent of internet technology in every field of life, shopping and pursuing with any business has become much convenient. Various POS are the need of the day for every retail and whole seller dealer. These POS has made business easier by performing all business activities just with a single click on cursor. Today lot of POS software have been introduced in the market and Lightspeed is one of these.

Why Lightspeed is Important for your Business?

Lightspeed is a point of sale and cloud based system that many industries use widely. The industries using Lightspeed include apparel, bike, footwear, pet, jewelry, home decoration and sporting goods. The system has become a great application for the small and medium business owners.

It is owned by a company based in Montreal, Canada. According to the latest statistics, Lightspeed is used by 51000 businesses and in more than 100 countries the world over. It comes with add-ons as well as various versions for all sorts of e-commerce and other businesses. Moreover, the company also offers custom plans for specific organizations.


Plans of Lightspeed

Lightspeed offers basically three different plans which are discussed below. However, it is important to note that users are provided with a 14-day free trial during which they can check the services and experience how things go for them. After the trial, they will be paying for whatever plan they choose for.

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Lightspeed PLANS

Small Shop

This is the most basic and the cheapest plan Lightspeed offers to the customers. In this plan, the users will pay $99 a month. The features include 24/7 support, set up help and all free updates. For any small business, this can be a decent option to start with. This plan is for one user only.

Medium Shop

This is another plan that Lightspeed offers to the customers. In this plan, the users pay $169 a month for all the services included in the small shop package but it is for two users. Moreover, it is the most popular plan of Lightspeed that people widely use.

Large Shop


This is the biggest plan Lightspeed provides. It costs $289 a month for four users. All the features are included in this plan. Additionally, new users can be added with $51 per user for a month. It is for the large scale businesses and multiple users. So it is up to you which plan you choose according to your needs


A number of add-ons are used with Lightspeed and some of the top add-ons are discussed below.

  1. RetailNext

There are many add-ons that can be used with Lightspeed and RetailNext is one of these. It is a very helpful add-on which helps in analytics. This can be used for real time integration of the location of your stores. Moreover, this add-on along with Lightspeed comes in handy to understand the customers.

  1. WooCommerce

Lightspeed allows integration of many add-ons and ecommerce option is also there. Therefore, you can add WooCommerce as well. For most of the online stores, this add-on is necessary and helps in user experience and customer shopping. The top features of this add-on include shipping calculator, product review capability and others.

  1. MailSync

With Lightspeed, you also get one add-on for email and that is MailSync. Many companies are already using this add-on and it has helped a lot. In other words, it acts like a bridge between your Lightspeed and emails. It is very helpful to sync email data and thus increase customer engagement with the passage of time.

  1. Agendrix

Employees scheduling is one of the important aspects for any business. With the help of Lightspeed, you can integrate this add-on which is pretty simple and facilitating in this respect. You will not be worried about employee scheduling and Agendrix will do everything for you.

  1. BOOXI

In addition to the above given aspects, there are other factors such as website development, client relation management and appointment scheduling. You will be worried about all these things but BOOXI which can be integrated with Lightspeed comes to your rescue and saves you a lot of time.

Main Features of Lightspeed

The details and the features of Lightspeed are given below.

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is included in the iPad POS of Lightspeed. You will be able to manage the inventory, track it, create products and handle new items. Moreover, there are also retail inventory features and restaurant inventory management features which make things really easy for you.

  1. Reporting

Going further, Lightspeed offers another very useful feature and that is reporting. You will have a dashboard and can get employee performance reports. Furthermore, it is easy to check sales reports of every hour. Over the years, Lightspeed has been further improved in terms of its features.

  1. Customer Management

One of the biggest problems for any brand is customer management. However, with Lightspeed you will get customer management features which comes as a surprise for everyone. With this feature, you can check customer profiles, shopping history, payment records, assign promos and discounts to the customers.

  1. Employee Management

Employee management is another outstanding feature this POS offers to all the small and medium size businesses. It has become a challenge for the companies these days. However, Lightspeed comes in handy for employee management. You can customize roles, assign new roles to customers and monitor their performance.

  1. Other Features

Apart from these, Lightspeed provides a number of other features too. One of the best features in the other category is the integration of various tools and add-ons. You will also get retail specific features with this POS. New features regarding restaurant management have also been added.


  • According to the users, Lightspeed is really amazing for ecommerce and retail link and offers a seamless experience.
  • The open and close cache are easy for the users and do not make things complex for them.
  • With Lightspeed, you can limit or restrict access of the employees to the caches which are not relevant to them. In other words, it ensures maximum privacy and security.
  • You can create new orders in the easiest and the simplest manner. Along with this, it also allows product creation.
  • It is also very helpful for inventory check from your smartphone.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of hardware and works flawlessly.
  • Many users say it has an issue and that is the limited payment integration option.
  • There are no wide range of options which it comes to linking content to various selling platforms.
  • When it comes to creating work orders, it does not help at all and new tabs cannot be added.
  • According to some users, the system crashes during work hours and it leads to trouble for the users.
  • Lightspeed does not reveal pricing for its POS hardware. For many customers, this is a real issue.
  • In terms of integration, there are not enough options when Lightspeed is compared with its competitors.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Lightspeed is really wonderful. In every plan, the customers get 24/7 customer support and the Lightspeed teams are always ready to help out the customers in their problems. Instant solution is provided and the client issues are resolved immediately. Overall, the customer service is excellent.


Lightspeed is a cloud-based point of sale system which offers a wide range of features, allows integration and add-ons can also be used with it. It has many pros as well as some cons.
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