Best POS Systems for Jewelry

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A little expertise on POS can be useful in deciding on a very good Jewelry store POS machine. A point of sale (POS) system is a mixture of software program and hardware that allows the purchaser to pay for the products they buy. Being a whole lot more than your conventional cash register, POS can be considered as its alternative. It is developed for structures like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and iOS etc.

All the details you need to know about a POS system

® POS becoming essential for businesses

Jewelry stores are places where customers require the utmost attention of the service provider and business owners need to keep a check and balance of items due to their high value.

Jewelry stores need a POS system to check and maintain their inventory at all times to prevent theft and ensure that all items whether valuable or not valuable remain in stock for customers who want to buy them.

Having a suitable POS system helps Jewelry stores in computing sales efficiently and also helping their customer receive the best experience ever for their premium products. Receipts are essential for jewelry items whether they are valuable or cheap, it is important to have proof of buying jewelry to help customers understand the prices of items and show them any discounts they have received.

A POS system is also necessary for jewelry stores to avoid human error. When working with expensive items, employees can make mistakes entering data manually but with a POS system, the sales can be computed easily, and the POS system removes any margin of error that any employee would have made.

Last but not least, a POS system would help jewelry stores keep track of their profits and real-time sales reports will help in increasing profits for the store.

® Benefits of having a POS system

  1. Easy-to-use

The POS system is much easier to use compared to the traditional cash registers or entering sales by doing paperwork. A POS system allows employees to interact with the user interface and enter sales through a very easy process. Little knowledge is required to use these systems because developers have ensured that that their clients face little to no problems while using the software.

  • Wide payment options

With the growth in technology, people have started using different methods of payment other than cash. It is necessary to offer your customers a wide range of payment options. Nowadays, people do not carry cash and certainly customers will not be carrying stacks of cash to a jewelry store. Rather, customers prefer using credit cards or online payments. The POS system offers these variety of payment options for the customers.

  • No chance for error

When working with big numbers, it is common for employees to make mistakes when entering the sales. A POS system offers an error free service and ensures all sales and profits are accurate.

  • Employee management

Handling a large number of personnel in the business can be a very difficult. A POS device can help you in this regard. It has person worker profiles through which can check in and out during their shifts for work. This can also control their bills and bonuses.

  • Data security

The records saved on a POS need to be closely secured because it consists of information of your clients and their personal payment IDs. A POS device stores records on remotely secured cloud servers. This eliminates the fear from the store owners mind because their data safely secured. Some POS systems provide offline modes through which you can continue the use of your POS system without a working internet connection. This will save all the data regionally and when there is a running internet connection, all the data and information will be uploaded to the cloud storage which can be accessed by the store owner at any place at any time.

  • Inventory Management

Managing your stock has never been easier. A POS system will keep track of your entire inventory and offers effective data reading.

® Things to keep in mind when buying a POS system

  1. Integration

A POS system is much better than the conventional cash register. It is able to offer you powerful information analyzing skills in conjunction with sturdy inventory control characteristics to save you time.

  • User-friendly interface

An easy to use interface is certainly essential because the employees using the system will not be very familiar with the technology. A user-friendly interface would require much less training and time to learn the system and will be utilized by each employee effectively

  • Set-up cost

A POS system calls for compatible hardware for its functioning. It is critical that you have appropriate machinery to support the POS system because if you do not then the initial cost may increase due to the requirement of the compatible hardware.

  • Customer support

With the POS system highly incorporated with your day to day functioning it is essential to have a 24/7 customer support provided by the POS software company so that even in the slightest malfunctions your transactions and customers do not suffer.

  • Reporting

It is important that the POS system provides you with reporting options and convey sales reports in actual time. The POS system must also have powerful statistics studying capabilities to run those operations easily.

® POS systems available in the market

  1. Artisan POS

Artisan POS is an on-premise POS system specially designed for small stores.

Artisan POS offers built-in reports to keep track of purchasing and accounting. Furthermore, this POS system tracks sales as well.

Artisan POS has a touchscreen-based buttons feature for tablet users that can be configured and linked to different products and categories.

Artisan POS also allows its clients to generate their own custom reports to match their specific needs.

Pros Cons
Tracks inventory More features than needed
Technical support is very helpful Quick picks not on sale screen
Supplies provided very quickly Product development may take time
Easy to use Bill cannot be split
Good value for money  
  • Jewel Mate POS

Jewel Mate POS has special functionalities that aid the users to do transactions, track the status for repairs, and generate timely reports etc. The great feature about Jewel Mate POS is that the system tracks specific customers to target for sales and engages the employees with the customers through sales information and phone conversations.

Jewel Mate POS offers an inventory management system with a wide range of features such as; tracking finished pieces of jewelry, loose stones and raw materials. It can also generate inventory stock.

Jewel Mate POS provides the clients a custom website tailored to their needs and integrated with their own software to manage e-commerce and online inventory.

Pros Cons
Reporting is easy to use Look up feature is not strong
Customer service is great Occasional bugs
Constantly updated with new features Poor analysis at times
For small and big businesses  
Easy for beginners and advanced for professionals  
  • Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed if a cloud-based POS that is for the apple iOS device, the iPad.

Lightspeed POS allows customers to keep track of their inventory and store analytics. This POS system provides both in-store and online services to customers.

Hardware investment is very little when it comes to Lightspeed POS. It provides paperless transactions between the store and customers.

Lightspeed POS also provides a reporting feature that allows you to keep an eye on sales and profits alongside the inventory.

Lightspeed POS also features a matrix system that allows users to create product variations and appoint serial numbers to products.

Pros Cons
Great customer service Connectivity to e-commerce platforms
Cloud-bases improvements regularly Can get slow at times
Reporting feature More features than needed
Good inventory interface Updates made without notice
Tracking of employee hours Large inventory adjustments cannot be made
  • Clover POS is an integrated POS system with hardware that is specifically designed for its use. The system offers web-based and server-based services with an additional mobile POS.

Transactions and inventory are managed through this POS system. Clover POS replaces the tradition cash register and also allows customers to pay through other ways if cash is not available; such as credit cards, Apple pay etc.

Pros Cons
Set up is easy High initial cost
Large variety of integration and add-ons POS can’t be separated from payment process
Accepts multiple payment methods Reports are nominal
Easy to track transactions Inventory not accurate
Creative appeal Slows down over time

® Final verdict

Jewel Mate POS seems to be the winner of this race. Jewel Mate POS is a very suitable POS system for jewelry stores as it provides services to both small and bigger chains of jewelry stores. Constantly being updated with new features helps fix the occasional bugs over time and improves the experience for both the clients of the system and the customers of the jewelry store.

Reviews from small time jewelry store owners have indicated that Jewel Mate POS has great customer service. It is a complete software with enough features to please a professional who uses it and a user-friendly interface for any beginners who use it. The pros of Jewel Mate POS outweigh its cons.

® Sources
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