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Quickbooks is an account management software that provides the users with a wide range of features, comes with three plans and is considered an outstanding system for small and medium businesses.

  • Numerous Features
  • Advanced Invoicing
  • Expensive

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What are Accounting Software?

Some of the best accounting software offer a number of features. With these software system, the users can save time and perform accounting related tasks in a short time. Moreover, the product is quite popular nowadays among small and midsize business owners for its great usability.

These are fantastic accounting solution for all kinds of businesses. These also offer an online version and consumers of accounting software use them across the globe. Thousands of companies are using accounting software for managing their tasks related to accounting as it comes in handy to improve efficiency, reduce errors, increase transparency and cut down expenses.

Quickbook is one of such accounting software which is quite popular nowadays among small and midsize business owners for its great usability.

Plans of Quickbooks

Many users do not know about the plans Quickbooks offers. Therefore, details regarding the plans and pricing are provided below. It must, however, be noted that the users can enjoy a 30-day free trial by signing up. Nevertheless, the company does not require you to add credit card information for the trial.

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Quickbook PLANS


This is the most basic plan Quickbooks offers to the users. With this plan, the users will get a number of features for just $7.5 a month. Initially, the price was $15 a month but now a discount of 50% is offered to the customers. The features such as track sales, expenses and profits, creating and sending invoices and others are provided. It is for users only.


They call it Essentials and this plan is for three users at the same time. In this plan, the users are charged $11.5 a month which was $23 previously before the discount. This plan includes all the features of the Simple Start package. The additional features include, manage and pay bills, generate sales quotes and transact in multiple currencies.


This is the biggest plan Quickbooks offers to the users for $15.5 a month. Previously, it was $31 a month for five users plus the accountant. In this plan, the users get all the features of Simple and Essentials plan. However, the new features include track inventory, create purchase orders and track project profitability.


There is no denying that Quickbooks is a very useful software for all kind of businesses. The best thing about this app is that it allows integration of many add-ons which help the users further improve their use of the system, propel their business and get the most out of it. Some of the compatible add-ons with Quickbooks are given below.

  1. SmartVault

This add-on can be used with Quickbooks for storing documents. The users can store and share data as well as documents and files. Quickbooks does this task seamlessly and lets you have a wonderful experience. Moreover, you can easily find the stored files whenever needed. Thus, it facilitates users in data storage.

  1. ACCTivate!

This is another add-on that is compatible with Quickbooks and comes in handy for inventory management. Once the add-on has been integrated with the system, you can enjoy a lot more new features such as real time interaction with different users and project tracking. In short, you can do almost everything your accounts department will have to do.

  1. BillQuick

Many people are always looking for options that can help in data entry and bill filing with Quickbooks. So this amazing add-on serves this job and facilitates you in every possible way. Bill filing becomes pretty simple with BillQuick add-on. With this, it also becomes possible to generate bills fast.

  1. Avalara

Tax management is a part and parcel of accounting. It can never be separated from accounting tasks. Therefore, special add-on is required for taxation management. In this regard, Avalara is an amazing add-on that helps you manage the taxes in a simple manner. You can easily handle all sorts of taxes of various organizations and a large number of people.

  1. Bill and Pay

There is hardly any add-on for Quickbooks so admired as Bill and Pay. It has become one of the top-rated options as an add-on. With this, the users can use it for payment collection, invoice, deposit making, and record keeping. It even supports payment gateways such as PayPal and others.

Main Features

Quickbooks comes with a wide range of features that users find too helpful. Some of these are given below.

  1. Sales Overview

Quickbooks lets you get access to the dashboard where everything is given. You can check all the data, reports and information. Along with this, Quickbooks allows the customers to take view of the sales. This feature also shows the income over time and the companies can find out what products are providing them more profit.

  1. Invoicing and Inventory

With Quickbooks, you can also use a number of invoicing templates in various formats. Invoicing automation in Quickbooks is really good, according to many users. With the templates for invoicing, you can further automate them and create a custom template that fits your needs. With some advanced plans, the users also enjoy inventory feature which makes their life really easy.

  1. Client Portal and Estimates

Going further, you will also be able to enjoy the client portal feature. However, the client portal is only for invoices. Furthermore, another feature is estimates which you can create by using Quickbooks and send to the customers or employees.

  1. Contact Management

If you want to save information about your customers, you can save it. The reason is that Quickbooks offers an amazing contact management feature to all the customers in most of its plans. Customer data remains in your access all the time.

  1. Numerous Other Features

Apart from these, there are some more features such as expense tracking, bank reconciliation, chart of accounts, project management, time tracking, reports, budgeting, purchase orders, sales receipts and workflow are also the features you will get with Quickbooks.


  • The best thing about Quickbooks is that it provides the users with numerous features.
  • Another good thing about Quickbooks is that it also offers cloud based service.
  • It is really easy to use.
  • You will also get advanced invoicing features with Quickbooks.
  • Various add-ons can also be integrated with Quickbooks with great ease.
  • Other benefits include good tax support, amazing mobile apps and built-in lending.
  • Some users have reported that Quickbooks is occasionally unintuitive and leads to some issues.
  • According to many people it is more expensive than other such apps available in the market.
  • The customer support is reported to be not really good by the Quickbooks team.
  • It is also said that the online documentation feature is not really useful and is very poor.

Customer Support

The customer support by Quickbooks team is said to be fair. However, when it is compared with other services like Quickbooks, it is below par. Therefore, Quickbooks needs to improve its customer support so that all clients can get their issues resolved on time and enjoy the best services.

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