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Poster POS is a very reliable system to use in restaurants. The software does much more than take orders and print receipts.

  • It is very easy to use
  • Simplicity
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Microsoft Windows Might Crash

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If you are a shop owner with multiple locations, you would want to keep a close eye on your enterprise. It is believed that this act can increase the efficiency of the business but its not possible without a POS. Poster POS is a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) for restaurants, cafes, shops and many more. The app does not only allow you to take orders, but it also acts as a manager for inventory and oversees stock. The software is easy to launch and can be used on electronic devices such as computers and tablets.

The following review contains all the relevant information about the software ‘Poster POS’. The specifications of the software such as their plans, features, pros and cons, and others will be covered in this review.

What is Poster POS?

Poster POS is a very easy to use software and it does not need a large group of people to overlook its functions. Poster POS when being used in cafes and restaurants, the staff can learn the functions of the system and assist their customers in a more effective way. Poster POS is a very helpful software for business owners because they can manage their restaurants on day off or even if they are travelling.

Plans of Poster POS

Poster POS offers a variety of plans for its users ranging from a small setup to a larger business. Poster POS has a free trial offering for 15 days and you can sign up for this free trial with just basic information about yourself and your business. With a starting price of $29 after the free trial, Poster POS has a lot to offer. The various pricing information and what each package includes is as follows:

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Poster POS Plans


The mini plan is the first package that Poster POS offers. This plan starts at $29 a month and if you want to avail services for a year then it is $24 a month. The Mini plan offers multiple services such as: 100 products and dishes, product management, analytics and reporting, inventory control, unlimited users and customer loyalty programs. It also offers and additional venue for $25 a month.


The business plan is a more premium package compared to the mini. This plan starts at $49 a month and if you want to avail services for a whole year then it is $44 a month. The business plan includes all the features mentioned in the mini plan and much more. Additional services included in the business plan are: Promotions, dish modifications, payroll calculations, email and phone support, and customer e-Wallet.


The pro plan is the premium service being offered by Poster POS. This plan starts at $69 a month and for a full year of service the charges come down to $64 a month. The pro plan includes all mini and business features with additional services such as 1500 product count, kitchen kit, and table reservations.


Poster POS offers the following mentioned add-ons. Here are some:


 Even though a few POS frameworks do offer in-house email promoting, they’re regularly deficient with regards to highlights that solitary devoted ESPs (like MailChimp or AWeber) can give. By banding together with an outsider, ShopKeep deftly avoids this issue.

QuickBooks Online

 The capacity to coordinate straightforwardly with your bookkeeping programming spares your time and dissatisfaction.


 This new (and genuinely necessary) eCommerce expansion to ShopKeep will at long last offer them the chance to set up an online store. On the offset that you’ve just set up a ShopKeep account, you can easily move your stock over to your Big-Commerce account.

Online Ordering

 Set up a custom site with menu things and offer clients the capacity to put orders from that site for pickup.


Numbers simply don’t lie. ShopKeep POS framework straightforwardly incorporates gift vouchers to give you a bit of the $150 billion yearly gift voucher pie.


One register is always included in any plan you buy. To get another register the extra cost $19 a month. The extra register helps reduce the load on the other register in case there are multiple customers.


A restaurant with multiple branches can be amalgamated into one account and monitored. Every additional location has the same value as the pricing plan, it is after the fifth location that an individual price is applied. Additionally, every location comes with a register included.


  • It is very easy to use. It can be easily used on a tablet or a small laptop rather than a larger computer.
  • The simplicity of the software makes it easier for waiters and other workers to use it for assisting various customers.
  • Multiple financial tasks are made easier with the software eliminating the chance of error due to efficiency of the machine making the calculations.
  • Avoids the hassle of using a manual system to enter sales and saves time.
  • An easier way to keep a check on the inventory through the software.
  • The quality of the system is consistent with the pricing.
  • The cost of terminal points is extra.
  • Customizing a split bill is difficult.
  • Can be slow at times.
  • Chances of crashing when using on Microsoft Windows

Main Features

Poster POS displays an excellent selection of features for its users. The features are what makes Poster POS a highly recommended software. Following are just a few of the features that Poster POS has to offer:

Point of Sale

The point of sale makes Poster POS a very easy to use software. With a quick startup, Poster POS does not only conduct orders and prints sales receipt, but it can also make transactions and take reservations from customers. Receipts can be customized to a certain brand. Orders are delivered, and the split bill option is available for larger groups of customers. The point of sale also prevents theft.

Financial Services

Poster POS has made it very easy for its clients to monitor daily finances. Poster POS creates simple financial reports based on the sales of the restaurant and helps owners make profitable decisions in the future. The inflow and outflow of cash can be easily monitored with the financial system. Poster POS also calculates the payroll automatically for all employees keeping in account the hours they worked.

Other features include: Managing taxes, data storage is secured, marketing, menu management, and kitchen tickets.

Customer Support

Poster POS provides a very reliable customer service. They have a number of FAQs answered on their website to provide quick solutions to problems. Other than this, they have provided contact numbers in case the FAQs are not enough.

POSTER POS Screenshot

Main Site


Poster POS is a very reliable system to use in restaurants. The software does much more than take orders and print receipts. Poster POS provides a full financial overview of the restaurant and helps in making fruitful choices. In the pricing plans provided, the system is very cost-effective and practical.


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