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Centeredge provides a very active and reliable customer support system. Their customer support is available six days a week from Monday to Saturday from morning to evening.

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How Software can help its Users?

If you are a beginner in business field and want to manage all your entertainment related activities to be managed well and also want to take your business to the next level then using some relevant software is a single solution to your entertainment world. Different entertainment software are actually a kind of management system designed to help the users through amusement, and FEC corporations. The software helps to control the whole facility through a single platform. These software provide a Point of Sale, memberships, passes for amusement parks, online ticketing and much more.

Centeredge Software

Centeredge software is an easy to use system for larger facilities such as an amusement park. The system helps in increasing the sales of the facility. Centeredge allows its users to make smooth and secure transactions. Centeredge can be used as single component or it can also be interspersed with other solutions.

Why Centeredge Stands Prominent Among other Software?

Centeredge Software offers ultimate perks that makes it stand tall in comparison to all other such software. Let us have a glance at the significant features of this amusement software.

Plans of Centeredge Software

Centeredge Software does not really have a set pricing plan for its users. The pricing plan varies from user to user. Centeredge claims on one of their advertisement videos on YouTube that they offer a much cheaper plan compared to other softwares.

Free Demo

Centeredge does give its clients a free demo before the purchase of the system. The demo is suited to give you information to on how the software will meet your needs. The demonstration also consists of FAQs that show the client how Centeredge will help improve their business. It also gives a perspective on how the software will work with different facilities and the clients also get to see the software in action. The demo can be scheduled on Centeredge’s website by entering the details of the client and their facility.

Price states that the starting price of Centeredge software is $5000 and it is a one- time cost. The reason behind the high cost is due to the sophistication of the system to fit the larger facility. The free demonstration is provided due to the high costs to show the client what the software and the higher price tag has to offer.


Centeredge has a few add-ons for its software.


Centeredge offers add-ons for parties. These add-ons make it simpler to be added into different packages at the beginning of the event and at the end of the event.

Pros and Cons of of Centeredge Software

Centeredge software is there to assist amusement and entertainment facilities to operate smoothly by providing multiple helping factors. The list of pros exceeds expectations. Here are a few:

Centeredge Pros and Cons

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  • Centeredge is very simple to use. A former employee from an entertainment facility stated that the software was very easy to learn, and the simple functions made it easier for workers to operate the software.
  • The Point of Sale system has good connectivity with Customer database.
  • Centeredge has the capability of printing barcoded wristbands and tickets.
  • Provides multiple solutions for entertainment and amusement businesses.
  • The system is expandable.
  • The inventory management and cash reconciliation features help in running these large facilities that the software has targeted.
  • Would freeze sometimes in the middle of work.
  • Calendar view is unsatisfactory
Centeredge POS Screenshot

Salient Aspects of Centeredge Software

Centeredge software offers many features for their clients. The features of this system is what makes it unique from other softwares. Centeredge has aimed to provide a cheaper service to its targeted audience. Along with cheap, Centeredge has claimed to be very professional in assisting amusement and entertainment facilities. Here are some features of Centeredge:

  • Advantage POS

The all-in-one POS system provides many services for guests and customers by providing them flexibility. The POS system controls guest access and also accommodates visitors with smart areas. The POS system also manages the sale of tickets, merchandise and passes. Lastly, it provides solutions for employee management through various ways such as payroll, security plans, and schedules.

  • Food and Beverages

Centeredge provides an easier way to handle concession stands and food service. A kitchen display system makes it super easy to manage a larger sized food operation at the facility. Centeredge helps in managing the inventory especially when there are multiple food vendors. Centeredge also has automated pricing and a constant check on the availability of products which help save money.

  • Cashless experience

Centeredge provides a cashless experience to for the customers of their client. This does not only allow customers to have a better entertainment experience, but customers can also have a cashless experience when they are getting food, beverages or merchandise.

  • Liability Waivers

Centeredge provides liability waivers to customers to minimalize any legal disclosure. By providing liability waivers online, Centeredge reduces wait times and allows customers to enter the facility without any hassle. The software keeps track of the liability waivers and organizes them in a handy manner. The software also rules out any duplicate or fake waivers.

Other features include: Guest analytics, Party booking, Online Ticketing, Reporting Function, Card-bases Transactions support.

Customer Support

Centeredge provides a very active and reliable customer support system. Their customer support is available six days a week from Monday to Saturday from morning to evening. Centeredge also provides a twenty-four-hour emergency customer support which deals with more demanding errors on an urgent basis. Other than this, Centeredge also provides certain FAQs on their website to answer any question that their client may have. An email address and a phone number have been provided by Centeredge on their website in case issues are not being resolved through FAQs.

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